About Acme Adapters

Acme Adapters is a company that produces adapted products that increase the useablility and diversity of an existing product.

It all started back in 1978 when Jeff Kerr developed an interest in adapting, engineering and fabricating parts for custom engine applications for all kinds of automobiles and industrial vehicles. Jeff has adapted and fabricated many solutions for vehicles, foreign and domestic, such as Ferrari's, Model T's, GM's, Ford's, Dodge's, Volkswagen "things", Nash Ramblers, 18 Wheelers, MG's, Triumph's, Unimogs, Land Rovers, Military vehicles, Fieros, Toyota's, Suzuki's, and the list goes on.

Discovering and enjoying the Suzuki SJ410 is what led Jeff's imagination to create new parts and to modify the Suzuki Samurai to a turbo diesel platform. Kerr started acquiring Samurai's, and one thought led to another. By 1996, using a Volkswagen diesel motor, Jeff adapted the diesel motor to power his Suzuki Samurai. Kerr has been testing and experimenting with the Suzuki Samurai turbo diesel adaption since that day.

Today, a Suzuki turbo diesel conversion kit is not only available for the Samurai, but also for the Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker. The Acme Suzuki Turbo Diesel Kit has evolved allowing one to utilize Samurai, Toyota and Sidekick and Geo Tracker transmissions both manual and automatic. That also creates diesel power for Toyota trucks by using an Acme Toyota turbo diesel adapter plate & flywheel. One idea leads to another!

Jeff's responsible for getting his brother, David, passionately interested in Suzuki Samurai turbo diesels too. Together, Jeff and David help others put diesel power in Suzuki Samurai's, Sidekicks and Geo Trackers. As requests for turbo diesel kit parts and technical information grew, they founded Acme Adapters in 2000. The business is located in Portland, Oregon. Acme manufactures Suzuki Turbo Diesel conversion kits for the Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick and the Geo Tracker. Acme Adapters provides unlimited technical support, and ships to customers worldwide–wherever a Suzuki is found.

In addition to the Suzuki turbo diesel conversion kit products, Acme also manufactures high quality anodized aluminum driveshaft spacers for Suzuki running gear.