Suzuki Diesel Registry

The Diesel Registry is for those that have installed any kind of diesel motor in their Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick or Geo Tracker. The purpose of the registry is to promote a Suzuki diesel community and to share information. Please feel free to submit your particular diesel swap data. You can also submit your email address and or website link to allow another person to potentially contact you about the particulars of your diesel project.

Name Location Vehicle Motor MPG Installer Kit Used
Mike Metro Spokane, WA 1987 Samurai Softtop 1982 VW Rabbit 1.6 Naturally Aspirated 42 Jeff at ACME ACME
Mechanical oil, water and temp gauges, VW alternator with Autometer tach, 22 inch VW Rabbit radiator, 235's. I love this truck. Goes to the ski hill and back and gets great mileage.
Erik Dossett Wasilla, Alaska 1987 Samurai 1996 Canadian Jetta 1.9td Me ACME
I purchased an early Keltec kit, blew a couple trannies, and before the 3rd died I got an ACME toyota adapter. The drivetrain looks nice - the complete swap is work-in-progress still. Performance Upgrades: I turned up the fuel, turned up the boost, installed an EGT/Boost/and a Tiny Tach. I currently smoke a bit at 12 pounds of boost. After the lastest teardown/buildup, I will have a big Saab intercooler to try out. Other Comments: The rig was doing pretty well with stock gears and 35" tires, but the (used/not rebuilt) trannies have been a bit weak for me. Next incarnation will be coil sprung, one-link front and rear, Toy axles, locked w/4.88s, IH Scout box and pump w/crossover steering. Tires are 39.5x18 Boggers for trail/35" MT's for street or light trails. And some other stuff :D
Keith Tuckett winnipeg, manitoba, canada 92 samurai 84 jetta VW 1.6 TD Me ACME
Sweetest motor i have ever swaped in! Should have came stock in the samurai! Performance Upgrades: moded injector pump, ajustable boost valve, 2 1/2 inch exaust from the turbo all the way to the back with a stack pipe and a flap top :P
Mike Strickland Milliken, Colorado 1986 Samurai Longbody 1996 Jetta 1.9 VW TD Self ACME
Swap Notes: -ACME kit; - Quantum radiator, Permacool 10" fans, air-to-oil cooler w/thermostat; - GM 105 amp alt, Dakota Digital tach interface; - modified '87 transmission, Petroworks HD clutch; - 5.8:1 transfer case w/e-brake & reverse 'S'; - Gauges: oil press, oil temp, pyro, boost

Performance Upgrades: Raceware head studs, increased fueling, 20psi boost controller. 2.5" exhaust. Soon to have Toyota Supra Mk3 intercooler to keep EGTs under 1200*.

Other Comments: This truck sees mostly mountain roads where 60mph is rare. My current RPMs are 3250 @60mph due to the high range reduction of the 5.8 t-case. Milage suffers and is suspected to be mid 20s. Replacing the stock oil cooler with an air cooled configuration! With oil thermostat, it lowered oil temps from 250* to 200*. Coolant temps dropped from 210*+ to 185*. Highly recommended!
Mario LeBel Surrey, B.C. Canada 1985 Samurai 1985 Jetta 1.6TD 40-45 Self ACME
See more
Ri Oregon Coast 1986 Samurai 1991 Jetta 1.6 TD 35 Grease Works ( ACME
Swap Notes: Petro Works Clutch; GM Alternator; 26" radiator; (2) 12" Vintage Air Fans; External Oil Cooler; for pics

Performance Upgrades: 3.5" Calmini shackle reverse lift 30x9.5's on 8" rims Safari Rack Calmini Bumper Bedlined Custom gauges Tachometer

Other Comments: Getting great mileage running 100% biodiesel. Love the swap.. lots of power. Great powerband, much less shifting. Gobs of torque. Amazing engine braking on hairy descents.
Jared Edwards Sheridan, MI Tracker Self ACME
I currently have a 1.6TD. Front and Rear lockers, 4.30 gears, and 2 low kit.
Jon Porter Lafayette, TN Self ACME
Engine bored and rebuilt by myself. Performance upgrades: Spring over lift. My springs were sagging, engine was hitting front differential w/o lift. This vehicle is great. If you like having a simple vehicle that you can work on yourself, then this is the way to go. The quality and service from ACME has been excellent!
Dave Kerr Happy Valley, OR 87 Samurai 1996 VW 1.9TD 27-30 Acme Acme
Modifications: Gauges, tach, SPOA lift, Hi-Link Crossover steering, RX7 air-to-oil cooler, Sidekick power steering, air-conditioning, 33's, body lift, ACME Heavy Duty Kevlar clutch, GM alternator, transmission cooler, 2 inch exhaust.
David Kerr Happy Valley, OR 1991 Sidekick 1992 1.6 TD Ecco 38 Acme Acme
2 inch polyurethane spacer lift, 30 inch tires, aftermarket gauges, pump plunger mod. Great commuter.
David Kerr Happy Valley, OR 1976 MG Midget 1986 Jetta 1.6 NA TBD Acme Acme
My daughter wanted her Midget to be different. Another diesel engine mated to a samurai transmission...but this time in a British body. Lots of modifcations to make it work. 2.25 exhaust with Pontiac Fiero stainless tip, oil cooler, remote filter, stock British gauges, shortened shifter, GM hydraulic slave cylinder, etc....
Mike Lewis Temple, Georgia Mike Lewis fyrnon8
I'm still working on ways to get the little mill to get better economy while rolling my 32" BFG MTs. My next experiment toward that end will likely be with a "Baby Lobster" transfer case out of an SJ410 - a 12% gear reduction, which is the equivalent of running 235 tires (sorta). My theory is that the easier it is for the engine to turn the tires, the better off I'll be, and I'll be able to use 5th a lot more frequentl. I actually feel that it'll put the engine more into its proper rpm range. I'm also looking into and will be installing the components necessary to burn waste vegetable oil as fuel that I can gather from local restaurants: FREE FUEL!
Chuck Presnail Sacramento, CA 1986 Tin Top 1.9 TD / mostly 32-34 Dave Kerr ACME
Very nice job execelent attention to detail this swap looks like it came from the factory. David did my SPOA and HighLink - works as it should. No preformance goodies yet but: tires, and maybe an intercooler (still studing what size and location) and Air conditioning - I know it's not hard core but I do live in CA. IF you have any questions or want to see it or if you haven't made up your mind, come drive mine .
Brian Carlton Langley Canada EHH!! 91 tracker 1987 1.6 td Myself ACME
2.5 exh, external oil cooler, intercooled, pump turned up, egt, boost gauge, 31`s, locker rear, p/s(vw pump) 4dr clutch, GM alt.
Kevin M. Brown Bovina Center, NY 1988.5 Zuk 1.6NA ('82 I think) NA yet I did it
Still a work in progress. I have done a full frame up restore and mod on this Zuk. 5" RRO SOA, RUF soon to be CJ rears, RRO diff caps, Detroit rear, ARB front, Custom bumpers, LED stop/tail/turns, TJ flares, GM alternator, York 209 compressor......and I am sure I will add more before I am done!
Brian Christian Sturgis, MS 1988 Samurai 1984 1.6L NA Self ACME
In progress-80% complete, need to install radiator and intake. I want to evenutally run self brewed biodiesel. I am currently looking for a 1.6 TD to swap in later. Also I am working with dynoing/swapping a VW euro 1.9L TDI (105 HP) into an SUV for work and may be able to assist other TDI swaps after completing the SUV swap. Would love to install that in my Sam, quite pricey though. Acme kit is good quality and fit great.
Stephen Tack Longview WA 1987 Samurai W/33x14TSLs Isuzu 1.8 N.A. - From Chevette or I-Mark ~30Mpg? Odo off Some Crazy Guy... custom
Well, there is a tranny adaptor plate, and some switches inside (in sted of the Glow controler, and ingnition...) and a funky reworked oil pan, to fit...I'm working on it... It is sluggish on the highway but climbs really well (better than gas)... all in all an improvement, though a TD would have been nice.
Joe McLaughlin Big Bear, Ca 86/ Sammy 1.6 VW TD 35MPG plus Self Installed ACME
A lot of trouble at first from bad engines but a warranty saved a lot of money. Now with 30 inch tires I get 30-35 MPG and have lots of spare power. Mountain raods are still slower than I would like, but I can go 20 MPH faster than the old gas engine. I am thinking of making a second one for the wife if I can find a tin top sammy. Now I just need to find all the neat after market tricks for the turbo diesels. More toys means I win right??
Mike Nielson Enterprise, AL. 96 Tracker 84 Jetta (1.6 N/A) 38 in town!!! Self ACME
Everything was done to Acme specs except the intake and exhaust, I modified the stock manifolds, I'll try to get some photos posted. Next step is a bio conversion... I'll keep you posted.
Robert Cansler Concord, NC 1987 Samurai 1.6 NA 37 MPG Self & friends ACME
3" SPOA lift, 31" tires, 10" Ford custom wheels, steel Trail Tough bumpers and grill guard with 2" hitch front & rear, 1984 Nissan truck radiator, stock VW intake.
Jeff Stoess Crestwood, KY 1987 Samurai LWB 1995 VW 1.9 TD 28 mpg Me ACME
SPOA and shackle reversal, 31" BFG KO's, GM alternator, 2.5" straight exhaust. Swap is very straight foreward and can be done by anyone that can turn a wrench.
Lloyd Conner West Virginia 1988 1.6 D N/A 40+ Me ACME
First it took 9 days to do everything pulling the engine and tranny , shackle lift , new bushings , knuckle kit , shocks , radiator , starter , all new seals and gaskets and timing belt , shifter kit , motor mounts and tranny mount and am getting 40 + MPG . Still working on the body and am happy with the added power . I think I am going to be very happy with the swap . Have not got to do much driving yet , only a half tank of fuel 5.3 gals. and got 240 miles on that . Thanks ACME
Frank Hanka Houston, Texas 1987 Samurai 1992 1.6 TD Unknown Self ACME
I purchased a 1992 1.6TD VW Jetta motor from local junk yard. Rebuilt the injector pump myself, spoa lift with trailer axle perches. The Acme kit is the only way to go, simple to install, great fit. Fabricated my own front and rear bumpers, tailgate and converted the rear to a pick-up bed style. New seats from a wrecked Honda Civic, oil cooler from an Eclipse. I also used the 27" radiator from Acme with cooling fans. Front brakes lines from a Nissan Stanza and rear ones from the front of a 300Z.
Kevin Casey Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada 85 samurai 1988 1.6 TD not sure Self ACME
My engine has a modified pump,1.9 mls Head gasket Iltis oil filter housing and Iltis rad. Truck sits on 36's Toy axles run by a Sidekick tranny. My own OTT Kicker 3 t-case and 4 to 1 Sammy T-case. I would buy the ACME kit...instead of the long route I did...LOL!
Peter Philpitt West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, Canada 1987 Samurai 1984 1.6 TD 34 Pre-installed from purchase
Too many to list
Tom Bentzen Seattle, Washington 87 Samurai LWB 1984 Toyota 2L 25 Self
1987 Suzuki long wheelbase Samurai with a 1984 toyota 2.4 liter 2L diesel with a CT20 toyota turbo. 1984 toyota 5 speed tranny, t-case with Marlin 4.70 low range gears, 1983 toyota front axle, 5.29 gears, ARB locker and high pinion 3rd member, Longfields, vented disks with four piston calipers, 1983 toyota rear axle, 5.29 gears, ARB locker, V6 3rd member, Front Range full floater kit with 4140 axles, disk brakes with four piston calipers, FJ80 master cylinder and power booster with proportion valve, Toyota IFS power steering. I'm searching for an industrial TDI right now and plan on mating it to my current Toyota running gear. I figure the VW engine will be lighter for the power produced.
John Pepper North Carolina 1986 Samurai 1981 1.6 NA from Rabbit 30+ Self ACME
Great kit, 29" super swamper radials, stock gears, 2.25" exhaust,VW gas manifold with stock sami breather and K/N filter. The mileage figure is miss leading, I drive up and down hills anywhere I go. I hope to take a road trip soon to accurately check it. I'm also tweeking the fuel as the intake and backpressure from the exhaust have change radically over the stock VW setup. Love the low end torque!
Lou Ray Kingwood, Texas 88 Samurai 1986 Rabbit NA 30-33 Myself ACME
Best and most professional kit I have ever worked with. Made installing the engine a snap. Non turbo does not get the gas mileage I had hoped for and is not to fast on the freeway but is a lot of fun to drive on the back roads and offroads. Exhaust system gets pretty warm at trans tunnel, exhaust wrap no help. Installed hood scoop to add cooling air and it works great!! The extra cooling air dumps down on the exhaust over the bell housing and keeps the hot air moving down and out of engine. Will keep "tweeking" and "tunning" to see if I can improve mileage.
Jeremiah Prickett Arlington, TX 86 Samurai 81 Rabbit NA TBA Yours truly ACME
Geo Metro seats. 1" body lift, 31" tires. OME lift springs. ZOR bumper, 2"exhaust. Love this thing.
George R. Hicks Santa Rosa CA 86 Samurai 95 1.9TD Unknown Self ACME
Engine Details: Low mileage motor with rebuilt head and TDI crank mod. Installed EGT, boost, oil temp, and oil pressure gages. Used ACME kit, fans, and radiator. Misc: Installed Toyota 5-speed (W56A), HD clutch, and dual Toyota t-cases (4.7 gearkit in rear case). Have 5.29 R&P's and 35" tires. Used GM alternator and installed power steering. Impressions: I love it! I still need to do some tuning to the engine and fix a few leaks, but she runs like a sewing machine.
John Melton Olathe Kansas 1985 SJ410 1.9TD Unknown My Self ACME
Just got started. Took two motors to build one good one. Installing 1989 3.70 ratio samuri axles spoa. Using lower ratio SJ410 transfer case. Installing a/c out of 1989 samuri.
Russ Halsey Wilmington, Ohio 1986 Suzuki Samurai 1986 1.6 L TD ? will be me ACME
I just got the Sami and the engine. Only thing I know for sure right now is I don't have a clue about the conversion. I have questions on the engine/lift?/wiring/and a host of other things too numerous to mention. I will blog everyone as I learn more and change the comment area.
Mike Leveille Canada 2003 Tracker 2000 34 mpg N/A
Jim Herbert New York 1994 Suzuki Samurai 1998 TDI TBA Myself ACME
Just getting started.
Allen James Delta, BC Canada 1986 Suzuki Samurai 1987 1.6 TD TBD Me ACME
I got my engine from Gordons VW in Langley, BC. I have an 8 inch rocky road lift and 33/12.50 tires. Gears are 5.13:1 and locked in the rear. I'm trying to fit a Volvo intercooler. I'll let you know how that goes. I'll post photos when it's done (in a few months). Exellent swap kit!! This is my first time doing a swap and it was easier than I thought it would be! Thanks Jeff!
Jim Hall Evergreen, CO 1966 Land Rover Series IIA 1996 Jetta 1.9TDI 30.7 mixed Me
My original 1.9 with an IC got 30 mpg, had 80 uncorrected HP at the wheels and 121 Ft/Lbs. I rebuilt it with TDI pistons and head. Still breaking it in and mileage is getting better with each drive. My original install and TDI upgrade is on my site with lots of pics: While I don't own a Suzuki, I recommend Acme Adapters to anyone wanting to do a conversion to theirs as I keep hearing you guys have the best kit available.
Philip Jensen Abbotsford, BC Canada 1988 Samurai 1995 VW 1.9 TD 30-35 myself ACME
Swap went very smoothly, especially for a first attempt...very well thought out kit. Very fun engine off road, torque is excellent, but current performance (2.5 mandrel intake and exhaust, 15psi and some more fuel) left me wanting a little more up top. (1:1 high, 4.1s and 35s) Round two will be over double the power, with links front and rear to keep things under control.
Greg Simpson Glasgow, KY 1987 Samurai 1985 NA converted TD 35 mpg Mike Lewis fyrnon8
Purchased from Mike Lewis already converted to NA with vegoil system. I did a turbo conversion and am quite pleased with the results. Jeff at ACME has been a great help in the conversion, and I would recomend his products. His service and technical help are unmatched in the diesel conversion market.
Matt Sump Bonney Lake, WA 1987 Suzuki Samurai 1982 Isuzu 2.2 diesel 30-32 myself
I used the engine, transmission and transfer case, from a 1982 Isuzu pup.
Brian Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1991 Tracker 87 1.6L TD Jetta Myself ACME
This Tracker was originally an auto, converted to 5spd, rebuilt engine, custom 3core rad, power steering. The rest is basically stock for now. Completed Nov06.
George Athens, Greece 1992 Suzuki Samurai 1.9TD (AAZ) Who Cares! Me ACME
I used Sidekick tranny. Dana 44 rear with detroit locker and Dana 30 in front with ARB. Ratio is 4.27. Also has 4link coils in rear and 3link coil over with panhard in front. The steering system is full hydro. Other goodies are full cage, hydro winch 9.000lb in front, electric winch 6000lb rear, custom rims with 33-9.5-15 BFG for daily use and a set of 32-10,5-15 for race, 120Ah alt and many many more...
Pete Richards South Wales, UK 92/93 Vitara Hardtop VW 1.6TD unknown yet Myself ACME
Just got the engine in, very impressed with the kit, well made! I'm running the standard rad with a 12" Kenlow high cfm fan, as its a bit colder in the UK!, also running a front mount, in car boost and boost gauge. I havent had it running yet so i think im gonna get a few thousand miles out the way before i start trying for more power. I've got a locked front diff with free wheling hubs, 3" suspension lift an 2" body lift, oh and this is my first off roader!!! wish me luck
Scott Pullin Manteca, CA 1987 Suzuki Samurai 87 Jetta 1.6TD 30 Me ACME
2.5" strait exhaust, open air cleaner, new tranny, turned-up fuel pump, air to oil cooler, 26" rad dual fans, jeep eater lift, 33" pro comps on 2.5bs rims, fiberglass hard top, new interior. I love this swap and my sammy sounds like a big rig now. The only problem i have is a leaky valve cover.
Mark Thomas Crestview, Florida 1987 Samurai VW 1.6NA, 83 Rabbit 41 on stock tires self ACME
Took about a week in my spare time. I drove it to Dover AFB, DE and then to Redding, CA. Works like a champ!
Dan Piccolo Abbotsford, BC 1987 Samurai 1989 1.6 Me ACME
Spoa YJ Conversion, Stage 2 High Steer, 31" Tires, Dual Batteries
John Valderama Ewa Beach, Hawaii 1992 Samurai VW 1.6TD All ad-ons, about 30 Dave at ACME ACME
6.5:1 transfer case, E-Z locker up front, spooled in the rear, trail-tuff suspension kit w/YJ springs, Zor front bumper(I modofied it to accept large shackles) shrockworks rear bumper, Zor roof-rack, 7.5K winch, GM 120 Amp alternator, 1500 watt inverter, fog lights front, rear, and sides, 31" boggers on 15x10, trail-tuff interior panels(white), Petroworks 15 gallon polyurethane fuel tank.
Jarod Vansickle Prince George, BC 1997 Geo Tracker 4dr 1998 AHU TDI Myself ACME
W56 Toyota transmission, Dual cases, Toy axles.
Lou Ray Kingwood, TX 1987 Samurai 86 Rabbit 1.6 non turbo 27-30 Myself ACME
Replaced injector pump ($596.00) all four injectors ($27.00 ea)timing set by certified Volkswagen tech. Still only getting 27 to 30 miles per gallon.
Robert Varga Langley, BC 1986 Samurai 1.6TD 30 Me ACME
Power steering(toyota), GRS2 transfer case, 2.5" exhaust, boost and exhaust temp gauge, missing link shackles, Track bar(Breeze IND). Stock diff gears, custom dash and aluminum bumpers, Feuro seats.
Barry Ziober Edmonton AB 1986 4Runner 2.0L I5 VW turbo diesel 40ish Brother inlaw
The truck runs on 32 inch BFG AT's with 5.29:1 gears in the diff. My brother inlaw mated the VW diesel to a 700R4 gm auto trans, with a GM t-case. I am going to install a Toyota t-case and finish up some last details.
Roy Burger Kunkletown, PA 1997 Geo Tracker 1.6TD 38 Hiway/32 City A and R Motorsports ACME
Custom A and R motorsports stainless steel header, 3" calmini lift, removable hard top, samuria air box. Acme Adapter was great to work with and answered every question.
Rod Australia 1986 Samurai LWB Isuzu 1900 TBD Myself
Long travel springs (11in down, 6in up). Twin tanks. Long wheel base. Hard top. Should be a good fishin truck when finished. It is along way to the next fishing hole.
Jerry Axtell Warner Robins, Ga 1990 Suzuki Samurai 1980 Rabbit 1.6NA TBD Me Keltec
Purchased a used Keltec kit, Acme motor mounts and Acme GM Alt bracket. Everything has gone fairly well, just not enough time in the day. Could have been an easy swap, If I hadn't put a v6 in prior to installing the diesel. Had to re-fab motor and tranny mounts. Acme is the best!
Marius Constantinescu Cluj Napoca, Romania 1986 Samurai 1989 VW Golf 1.6 31 (54kpg) Myself
Jim Glenns Ferry, Idaho 1987 Suzuki Samurai Hardtop 1982 4ftb1 Isuzu TBD Jim
Built bellhousing, added Samurai flywheel to flexplate and using stock Isuzu starter.
Tom Bond Kansas City, Missouri 1989 Samurai 1984 1.6NA 30+ Myself ACME
Nice kit, much better (and cheaper) to buy all you need from ACME instead of running around. SPOA from PTMX = ok, LockRite in rear, open front, seats from Mazda Protoge (not recommended-too wide). Suzuki clutch, hand made exhaust, 31" tires, fresh overhaul, pump, injectors and glow plugs. Runs perfect. See details of swap and SPOA at
Low Key Troy, Idaho 1986 Suzuki Samurai 1982 Isuzu 1.8TD (from Chevette) 30+ Me and some friends
I used a 1.8L and 5-spd from a 1982 Chevette. I was not happy with the power so I added a turbo from a Chrysler 2.2 gas engine. That woke it up.
Larry and Paul Schramm Clovis, California 1988 Samurai 1984 1.6TD Quantum TBD Self
Almost done. Thanks to Jeff at Acme for help.
Richard Burress Gresham, Or 1986 Suzuki Samurai 1994 1.9TD 30 Me ACME
ACME Adapter kit WOOOHOO, ACME Radiator Kit, 83 toyota axles, 94 Toy Rear Driveshaft, 83 Toy Front CV shaft, Driveline Tech Shortened 94 DS, Sidekick gear reduction Starter, H.I.D. kit, 92 Style Grille, Driveshaft adapters, Trail Tough yj lift Missing Link Kit, YJ Springs, Tuffy Security Console, Petroworks Clutch, Poly Shift bushing, LED Turn and Brakes/Reverse LED, Shrockworks F/R bumpers, Shrockworks Rock Sliders, Rear Corners (powder Coat), Homemade Safari Rack, Con-Ferr Gutter Mounts, 33 0 Nitto Mud Grapplers on Streetlock wheels, ABS Door Panels, M8000 Warn Winch, Cargo Net, Momo Jet Steering Wheel, Wrangler LED Mirrors, Roadless gear polyshield, Custom black painted dash, Red guage needles, Dakota Digital Tach, Kenwood excelon deck amp and speakers, Alarm, and Lo-Jack tracking security. Sammi is still in progress. It awaits lockers, transfer case gears, Leather interior, Intercooler possible boost/injection modding and custom tent top for my safari rack (to sleep in). 1.9 td Diesel engine was the best modification to my grey sammi and I wouldn't go with anyone other than ACME! Jeff was always there to help. I never have experienced customer service like that.
Danny Seessengood Noble, Illinois 1986 Samurai Hardtop 1980's VW 1.6NA TBD Me
Made my own GM alternator mount. Bought a two groove engine pulley so I could have alternator and air. Made custom air mount. Still have radiator, exhaust and intake to hookup. Looking to add a turbo later. I plan to run this on WVO with water injection. Want to run 33x10 tires, don't know if I have enough engine for that. Have a website to discuss other engine swaps I will submit photo's when I'm done with the Zuk.
Jeff Harrison Miami, FL 1986 Suzuki Samurai Tintop 1998 VW TDI TBD Me ACME
Casey Aberdeen, WA 1988 Samurai Rabbit 1.6NA TBD Myself ACME
Just starting on mine...Getting the donor Friday...Too Excited to sleep!
Les Tocko Mission, BC 1998 Suzuki Sidekick Golf 1.9TD (AAZ) TBD Me ACME
I just started.
Vollan, Norway Oppdal, Norway SJ413, 1986 1.6TD and 1.9TDK TBD Vollan and Engelsjord
Designed and enginered by Vollan and Engelsjord "wag" to "suki" adaptors
Mike Schuette Redding, CA 1987 Samurai 1.9TD 30+ Me ACME
Todd Reraick Andover, OH 1987 Samurai 1.9TD TBD Bankston Automotive ACME
I bought the Samurai with a YJ SPOA, 5 to 1 Samurai T-case with a stock transmission. I purchased a front '85 Toyota axle. I'm going to run 4.10 gears front and rear with 31" Mickey Thompson MTZ's for the street and 34" Super Swamper LTB's. I'm also installing Toyota drive shafts with extended slip yokes purchased from Trail-Gear. I purchased the Acme Adapter with the GM Alternator and bracket, the ACME Extra Heavy duty clutch. I've also purchased a modified rear Toyota axle housing from Sky Manufacturing along with Lockrite lockers for the front and rear, shock hoops, shocks, high steer kit with a Toyota IFS steering box. I personally think I've gone insane, but hey it's all for a fun cause right!!!
George Breckenridge Kent, WA 1987 Samurai 1.6 TBD Jeff ACME
Presently NA Engine, this is being replaced with a 1.6 Turbo.
Marco Renn Calgary, AB 1985 Samurai Softtop TD TBD Me ACME
Rebuilt engine, 18psi = 73HP and 94flb. of torque. Running 33" wheels with 5.13 gears and spring over and a lock right. It's awesome.
Brad Whaling Calgary, AB 1987 Samurai Hardtop 84 1.6TD TBD Me ACME
This kit rocks. Spring over, YJ leafs, 33/13.5 Baja Claws, beadlocks, 5.13 gears, knuckel-over steering, ARB bumper, winch, lock right diff. Truck goes everywhere.
Andrew Hynd Yellowknife, NWT Canada 1985 Samurai LWB 1985 Jetta 1.6TD TBD Self ACME
Engine and trans are set in for a test fit. Engine will have to come out again for a fresh set of gaskets and seals. Plans are for a YJ spoa lift using Toyota FJ40 axles and 35" Swamper LTBs. Stock Samurai steering box arm seems to hit the VW power steering pump, new engine mounts may fix that, if not it will get a new Toyota power steering box mounted outside the frame rail.
wessuzi Calgary, AB 1993 Samurai 91 VW TD TBD Myself ACME
Tom Baxter Sevierville, TN 1987 Samurai Softop 1981 1.6NA TBD Self Installed Keltec/ACME
"Pygmalion" was a throw away that I rescued. I still have some minor body work to do and finish paint. Two inch lift on shackle extensions, 215 -75-R15 m+s - target is a good DD, offroading weekends. Started with the RRO kit, enough said. I turned to Jeff at Acme for technical support and I have ordered the rest of my conversion parts from Acme (Radiator, GM alternator bracket, intake manifold, and a wiring harness). I can't say enough about Jeff's help.
Matthew St. Pierre Melbourne, FL 1988 Samurai VW 1.6 TBD Myself ACME
I made my own mounts, big mistake. Works well in my sammi. Toyota axles 38's 5.71 gears lockers.
Donald DuVall Middleton, ID 1987 Samurai 1984 1.6TD TBD Myself ACME
Tommy Blakley Tonasket, WA 1987 Samurai Tin Top 1982 1.6NA TBD Me ACME
Just getting enough parts gathered to "git-er-done!"
Řystein Sira Norway 1986 Sj413K (pickup) 1996 1.9TD TBD Me
All stock except 31" tires. 2" exhaust straight back, modified oil pan and intake to make it fit.
Haji Ruslan Brunei SJ413 (1989) Toyota 2C TD TBD CPS
Very simple installation, very economical and cover longer distance, very powerfull.
Cody Hebdon Royal City, WA 87 Samurai 1989 1.6TD TBD Me and my brother-in-law
Pretty basic as to what other people have with the same motor. I have a few extra goodies like a saab intercooler and an oil cooler. The turbo wastegate is plugged, ACME Kevlar clutch. Calmini lift with 32 inch MTs. Don't have my boost or pyrometer set up yet, but its coming soon, also going to tinker with the pump and fuel pin for added horsepower.
Ben Robinson Okanagan, BC, Canada 1994 Toyota 4x4 2001 (ALH) TDI 35 Me ACME
Full electronics narrowed down to the nessesary components. ECU tuned and imobilizer delete. Check out the truck here:
Kevin Brown San Bernardino, CA 1990 Geo Tracker 1986 1.6TD TBD Me ACME
Stock Tracker radiator with 14" procomp fan fits in stock shroud. 4X4 5spd, work in progress.
Terrill Derryberry Winchester, TN 1987 Samurai 1985 1.6NA 27-30 Self
I have 3" springs, 30" mudders 4 to 1 transfer case gear set. Off-road ability is great. On-road is about same as 1.3.
David Wilkins Ajax, Ontario, Canada 1994 Sidekick JX 1994 1.9TD 42 Me ACME
Daily driver/4x4 crossover. Upgraded turbo, Intercooled, remote oil filter, remote oil cooler, 2" body lift, 1" coil spacers, converted to run on vegetable oil, Mustang Rad, Cold air intake hood scoop.
Jeff Harrison Miami, FL 1986 Samurai 1998 1.9 TDI TBD Myself ACME
YJ springs, Toyota diffs, Toyota 5sp tranny, 98'TDI motor w/modded mechanical pump, Turbo, Warn 9000 Winch, Calmini roof rack, rock sliders, full interior roll cage. Still need front and rear traction bars, intercooler and semi stack.
Mike Thornloe, Ontario, Canada 1991 Toyota pickup 1991 VW Jetta 1.6 TD 35 Me ACME
Low-budget job; worked out awesome and I've run 1200km on it so far. No Problems at all. Fits very nicely under hood (18" between rad and belt train). Left transmission on original x-member and made small modification to firewall for water outlet clearance. Made my own engine mounts, etc. Exhaust routed down from turbo with custom header-wrapped piping, and starter shrouded in heat sheild due to low clearance from exhaust. Runs comfortably at 105km/h on highway, and smooth in all gears around town and on the trails. No performance upgrades yet....
Brian North California 1986 Hardtop, 1988 Softop Hyd. lifter 1.9T and 1.6T TBD Acme on 1st, Me on 2nd ACME
Tom Yoder Louisville, KY 1988.5 Samurai 1.6NA 38 Unknown ACME
Works really well, goes about 55-60 on highway on 31" tires. I'm considering getting a turbo kit to improve highway performance.
Wade Melton Pasco, WA 1987 samurai softtop 1984 Audi 1.6NA TBD Me ACME
1.6 diesel N/A. All donor parts from an Audi 4000. Toyota 5sp trans, 6:1 transfer case, YJ spoa conversion, hybrid axel, disk brakes on 1250x35 tires. All rollcage and bumpers were built by me. I love the TOURQUE!!!
Rob Burley Florida Keys 1988 Samurai 1.6TD TBD ME ACME
This was by far the best thing I could have done to my Samurai. I run 31x10.5 Dick Cepek tires and can pull 5th gear without any gear mods!! Haven't had it off road yet but can't wait to get out there.
Matt California 1989 Sidekick 1.9TDI (AHU) with M-pump 33+ Me ACME
Runs great! Mechanical pump now, going to computer soon. Used a 2" body lift(helps a lot), and a 2" spring spacer lift. 31" tires. Fitted my own intercooler(Bell custom) and it runs strong. Only makes 10 PSI boost, but once we get rid of the M-Pump, it should be better. Slips the clutch fairly easily as it is. Gearing is still too short....60-65 at 3100 rpm. It does amazingly well off road though.
Brian Piddington Los Angeles
1987 Samurai 93 VW 1.9 TD Low 30's Self ACME
Stock running gear, Trail Tough 2.5 YJ spring kits with missing link front and rear on 30 inch BFG. New 2" exhaust, GM alt and 14" oil cooler with remote filter, gauges set in stock radio box. Engine from German auto in Ontario, hood louvers at rrcspeed in Ontario. Prompt shipping of kit and radiator and great support from Jeff at Acme. Great service as well from Petroworks, as always. Somebody needs to source a european 5th gear or high range transfer component. The swap went great, took my time with it, about a week. That included repaint of eng well and other interior wiring mods. I can not say enough about the great support I experienced from all the vendors and advice from folks on Zuwharrie bbs.
lightbar Tom Sunland, CA 1982 Toyota pickup 1.9TDI M-pump 26-34 Me ACME
The truck runs on 305/70R16 inch BFG KM with 4.11:1 gears in the diff and 12-15 pounds of boost. Runs great. If you need help with the change over send me an email.
lightbar Tom Sunland, CA
1969 VW bug 1.9 TD 28-44 Self
Rocket on wheels 31 BFGs Baja kit.
Zach Van Ess Escondido, CA 1987 Suzuki Samurai 94 VW 1.9 TD AAZ TBD Me ACME
I believe engine is from germany, out of a Jetta. Bought it from Quality German Auto Parts in Monrovia, California with 62k orignal miles. Put in Acme's 26" radiator/fans. Added mechanical gauges, used stock air cleaner. Got Petrworks heavy duty clutch. Lyon's Muffler in San Marcos Ca built custom 2 1/4" exhaust with Magna Flow muffler. Super clean install. Running Calmini reverse shackle 3.5 lift and BFG all terrian 235's.
Terry Strahl Modesto, Ca
1988 Samurai 1.6 TD TBD Self
Just started my build.
Geoff Reimann Newton, MA 1987 Suzuki Samurai Rag Top 1982 VW Rabbit 1.6 NA Real Good Me ACME
I love this little thing!! It is exactly what i wanted. I tore it down to the frame and rebuilt everything, painted, and did heaps of wiring upgrading. I chose to keep it moderate with an all around OME lift with 1" extended shackles. If I did that again I would go with OME YJs SUA. I added a turbo to the NA engine but kept the NA pump. It has an air to water intercooler, front mount oil cooler, ACME 26" radiator kit, 2" exhaust with calmini mufler, ARB locker in rear, 30x9.5 on 8x15s, rear disc brakes, '81 firebird brake master, and a few more things. It took me a year to complete but I went over everything and went overboard on a few things. I enjoy the building as much as the driving.
David Hill Duncan, OK
1987 Tin Top Gulf 1.6 turbo SB 34 on stock tires Son and Self ACME
Bought everthing ACME, A/C kit, starter, clutch, radiator kit, ect. 3" Calimini lift kit, 31"X10.5" treadwright's. 2 1/4" exhaust, Toyota Supra Intercooler, Daily driver and love it can't wait to go off road.
Dale Horita Vanderhoof, BC 94 Sidekick 96 Jetta 1.9 td 30 Self ACME
2" body lift, 2" suspension lift, 32 inch tires on Ford 4X4 rims, custom bumpers. Modified ACME motor mounts, GM alternator, Dakota Digital tach interface, Jetta rad on custom mounts. Custom 2" exhaust, custom air intake with KN filter, reloacated jetta power steering pump on custom brackets to Sidekick ps box. Custom glow plug circuitry. EGT and boost guages - ip mods and increased boost. Lots of fun to build, lots of fun to drive.
Kurt Eibell Terceira, Azores Portugal
1987 Samurai 86 Toyota 2.4L TBD Self
Included a turbo from a 1.9 Samurai (diesel). Swapped axles,trans/transfer case as well. If I had it to do over...I would have just set the Sammy body on the Toyota frame!
Paul LW Howell Newfoundland, Canada 1995 4door Suzuki Sidekick JX 96 1.9TD AAZ 40 Self, with help of friends :-) ACME
I bought the deluxe Kit from ACME. Then installed a fully rebuilt 1996 VW 1.9Turbo Diesel. Engine has ARP Head Studs and Steel Headgasget. Highspool K-24 Turbocharger Running 25psi Boost along with Methanol Injection(Cooling mist products). Audi TT intercooler. New mechanical Injection pump, and Mercedes Injectors. Timing set @105. Exhaust-front pipe 2.5 S/S-into flex then Complete 3"S/S straight pipe. No Muffler. Fuel is supplied by a single tank WVO system. I have a factory steel pastic lined fuel-tank with aa Artic fox tank heater and heated lines. Tank lifted 2.5 " above stock. Running a Modified 3" Calmini Suspension lift along with home-built 2"body lift. Tires - 235/75R15 DynaPro M/T's. Camo-Paint.
Theo Opeiko Toronto, Ontario
1994 Geo Tracker 1.6 NA diesel (1992) TBD Self ACME
Stock alternator, stock power steering pump (with a fabricated bracket), injection pump rebuilt and tuned by Giles (
Brandon Jenkins Berryville, VA 87 Samurai 1.6 td TBD Me ACME
Im still in ground up restoring my samurai I have owned it since i was fifteen. I always liked the diesel idea. I have a Calmini 5 inch lift 32 tires, ARB bull bar, rear bumper with full size tire carrier, custom intake system that i enjoyed building and adapted to safari snorkel kit. 2.5 full exhaust with flow master muffler. Looking to do new t-case so if anyone knows best idea for one with my tire and motor size email me with ideas.
John C. Wiese Palmer, Alaska
1987 Samurai 1.6 TD TBD Me Acme
Awesome kit, installed the kit on a saturday and was driving it on sunday. 2.5" home made exhaust sounds amazing. aftermarket pyro, boost, temp, volts, oil press. Pushing 20 psi of boost. Spring over lift with 31" tsl's. loving every second in the driver seat dashin through the snow.
Billy Webb Jupiter, FL 1986 Samurai 1505T Kubota TBD Self
Making an adapter plate to put the kubota in using the suzuki 5 speed.
Bruce Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
1986 tin top Samurai 1.9/1.6 TD Hybrid TBD Brian ACME
Was Chuck's, then Brian's now Mine (was a gift). Bumpers, winch, 31x10.50. Drove it from San Francisco to Alberta, Canada. Lots of torque. lots of fun to drive. Pics soon.
Alain Aubé Bathurst, New Brunswick 1997 Sidekick 97 Canadian Jetta 1.9TD TBD Self
In progress: bought full kit from acme. Everything fits great. Want to use it has daily driver and for hunthing and fishing trip vehicle in the back bush.
Jeff Harrison Miami, Fl
1986 tin top Samurai 98 VW 1.9 TDI TBD Myself ACME
Warn 9.0 winch, yj springs, OTT steering, Toyota axles, torque bars front and rear, long travel shocks, Rocky Road front and rear bumpers, Calmini roof rack, 37" Boggers, Safari Snorkel, custom exhaust stack, Bushwacker fenders, Rock Sliders, Full interior Roll Cage, Hybrid Mechanica Pump, Removable doors, ACME kit.
Nathan Putnam Boise, ID 1987 Suzuki Samurai 1982 Isuzu 2.2L Diesel 40 Self
I'm running a 2.2L Isuzu engine w/ 4x4 transmission into the stock samurai T case. All custom mounts including moving both the samurai t case cradle and rear axle back 3" to fit the longer transmission. CJ/RUF with SPOA and ML all around.
Matthew Carter Martinsburg, West Virginia
1988 Samurai 1.6NA 1986 Jetta 30 Self ACME
Jack Eureka, CA 1986 Samurai 1.6NA 1990 TBD Me
Picked this sami up for $800 with a blown motor, spent $500 in parts (had the 1.6na motor) sold the bad motor for $100. So that's only $1200! I did this all myself, just to prove to myself that i can. But if i was to do another one, i would get an ACME kit. Probably just a bare bones kit though, as i like the fab work. Upgrades: rear springs in front,inj pump gov mod+fuel screw adjust, cold air intake/air ram/snorkel(self made),toyota car seats.
John Cylwik Seattle, WA
1987 Samurai 1.6TD 1992 Jetta TBD Me Keltech
It was a fun retrofit. Enjoy using bio-diesel. Keltech radiator works great - I think I got the very last one. Just rebuilt the transfer case but still having vibration issues on acceleration. Want to figure out some sort of overdrive to bring the RPMs down on the highway without running huge tires.
Neil Murray Pittsburgh, PA 1988 Samurai 1.9 M-TDI 1996 TBD Myself and friends (mainly AJ) ACME
Trail Tough YJ Spring conversion with Old Man Emu YJ springs, ACME radiator, Rebuilt K14 Turbo from 1.9 TD, Giles built M-TDI Inj Pump and Injectors (Smaller tips for about 75 hp and 125 ft-lbs),GM Alternator, Safari Snorkel, VW Power Steering Pump, Sidekick Power Steering Box, Remote Oil to Air Cooler, Rebuilt Transmission, Petroworks Clutch, Petroworks 15 Gal fuel tank.
Ray Ambrose Prince George B.C.
1988 Samurai 1.6TD 1991 TBD Me ACME
Great swap kit. Spring over axle conversion, 4:16 to 1 gear reduction T/Case kit, 105A GM alternator, 2.5 inch exhaust, 8000 lb Warn winch. Love the low end torque.
John D. Smith Central NY 1986 Samurai 1.9 TD 1996 34 ACME ACME
uber-cool Salamander...Those fellas at ACME may have created...are.
Reade Obern Pasco, WA
1997 4 door Sidekick 1990 VW 1.6TD Ecco 36-37 ACME ACME
Dave did a great job on the install. Used engine from Quality German Auto Parts out of Ontario CA. Runs great and very happy with rig. 4.30 gears, 36MPG city. 60 MPH at 2700 rpms, and 55MPH purrs at 2500 rpms. A good modification for those that want a street rig with 4x4 capability.
Michael McGeary Yakima, WA 1987 Samurai JX 1.6 NA 40 ACME ACME
Sky MFG YJ SPOA, 5:12 gears in kick hybrid axles. Lock right lockers front and back, 4:16 to 1 transfer case.Lots of other parts.
Douwe Andela Netherlands
LJ80Q 1980 1.6D NA VW Golf II TBD Self
We had to change the steering. Used a Mitsubitsu Pajero steering mounted on the outside of the frame. New gearbox crossmember for the samurai 5 speed. Renault Clio radiator. Modified engine mount. Rocky Road 4" suspension lift, 31" tires on Vitara wheels. Next mod is getting it ready for biodiesel:
Bart Meachum Lakeside, Ca 1986 Samurai Tin Top 1.9 TDI 34 Self ACME
1.9TDI to 4 speed suzuki auto trans. Original samurai A/C, Toyota power steering, 4.16 transfer case gears, Just getting everything together.
Chris King Reno, NV 1986 Samurai 1.9 TDI 1993 32 Me ACME
Toyota 5-speed Transmission; Toyota T-Case with 4.7:1 low-range and 1:1 high-range; Dana44 rear diff with 3.73 gears (tall gears were selected to keep highway RPM low: 2500-rpm @ 75-mph); Reinforced Samurai front axle with 26-spline shafts; Rear disk brakes using Samurai rotors and Audi 5000 calipers; Chevy S10-Pickup motor-mounts; Toyota MR2 intercooler; Volkswagen Quantum radiator; Jeep Wrangler fenders; Suzuki SJ410 grill; 15-gallon petroworks fuel tank; 5-gallon stainless-steel jerry-can is integrated into the fuel system (automatically drains into main tank); Air-lockers with compressor; Roll cage is welded into the body to provide solid mounts for tailgate and roof rack; Compartments for storage and stowaway-winch are built into the floor; Body, Frame & Wheelbase were lengthened four inches; Three inches were removed from the cab-height (for increased stability and aerodynamics); Leaf-spring mounts were raised one inch (to make springs even with contour of frame and to lower vehicle); FOA coil-over shocks can be adjusted to provide additional lift (and softer ride); 32-inch tires; and many other parts from the local Pick-n-Pull:
Mat Baudouin Quebec, Canada 1987 Samurai 1.6 TD TBD Me ACME
I wish I had bough the 32" tires instead of the 27".... I thought it was too big, now i would like to have better speed - rpm ratio. But works like a charm!
Tim Kendal Kelowna, BC
1991 Sidekick 1991 VW 1.9TD TBD ME ACME
The heater hose,temp sender housing needs modifying but everything was fun up till then. Used the vw power steering pump off the air con bracket, works great.
Anna Delara Springfield, OR 1988 Samurai JX 1.6 NA 35 Anna Delara/Dan Johnsgard ACME
We bought the truck and it was far to under powered. Decided to go with the ACME kit with the VW 1.6 liter turbo diesel. Also has Toyota FJ40 axles 410 gears, YJ springs, 35/12.50/15 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2's, full exo cage. I have done 70% of the work myself I am a welding fab major @ LCC my boyfriend has helped me when needed hence the other 30%.
Ernur Kazakhstan, Almaty
Suzuki Escudo(Vitara) 1995 RF-20 TBD Self
This is a Mazda's RF series engine, 2.0L Turbo Diesel.
Terry Boettger Powder Springs, GA 1985 Sidekick 1.6 1987 TBD Self ACME
Rebuilt 86 Jetta engine, 235/75/15 tires, 4x2, 90 A Bosch alternator mounted on passenger side, VW air conditioning compressor, 4.62RP, 5 speed. Still in process.
Charles Remsen, NY
1986 Tintop 1991 1.6TD 35+ Me
This was my 1st, so I kept it pretty basic. Ome springs, shocks, larger shackles, and 275s gave me the clearance I needed. A larger radiator, dual electric fans, and a higher output GM Alternator finish off the mods under the hood. I added a petroworks clutch and 2 1/2 straight pipe. I have about 3 years of recreational driving on the vehicle with only a few minor electrical issues along the way.
Eric Quebec 1985 Samurai JX 1997 1.9TD NA 25-30 Me ACME
Truck: almost stock samurai, 29 inch all terrain tires, push bar, stock height, drivetrain: 1.9TD with K14 turbo running around 15-20psi(pedal controlled, stuck wastegate) mated to the samurai transmission, a bit increased fueling, short ram intake, 2 1/4 freeflow exhaust, centerforce dual friction clutch, stock samurai radiator, stock VW oil cooler and filter location with shorter filter (possible by moving the engine mount toward the front of the truck by 2 inches), modified oil pan and strainer to clear the axle, gauges (EGT, oil temp and boost), working Samurai cluster gauges and lights (except RPM, for now).
Eric Sineath Pendleton, Oregon
1986 Samurai 1985 Jetta 1.6TD 25-27 Self ACME
Running 32x10.50 Swampers in the mountains and still getting 25 mpg. I have no complaints. Running a rebuilt 1985 Jetta TD with a 1990 samurai transmission. 5.14 transfer case gears and rear locker. Most of the guys I work with now love my samurai and hate me. Thank you Thank you Jeff.
German Espinel Sandiego, CA 1986 Samurai 2.4 Toyota diesel TBD Self ACME
Naturally aspirated 2.4 toyota diesel with toyota 5 speed short intermediate shaft to stock samurai transfercase.
Darren Datchko Edmonton, AB
1986 Samurai 1987 1.6TD 35 Me
Upgraded pump, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, intercooled, a spring over lift. Full high steer hit, shock hoops with pro comp shocks. Super easy swap with great tech help with any questions.
Brian SF Bay Area, CA. 1988 Samurai Rag Top 1.6TD Crate Motor 30+ Self ACME
Shrockworks Bumpers Front and Rear. Trail Tough YJ missing link, Nerf Bars, Warn M8000, 4.21 T-Case, CV Drive rear, Sand color paint (Mojave Desert).
John Myles Cameron, NC
1988 Samurai 1988 1.6NA Golf TBD Me
Bought sammi with 33's installed diesel engine, engine didnt have the power for the 33's.installed 31's alot better.i love driving this thing its so fun.performs great out in the woods.going to install a locker in the rear soon.
Chris Miceli Anchorage, AK 1986 Samurai JX 1986 1.6TD TBD Me ACME
1.6TD rebuilt engine and pump. KKK14 turbo. GM cs130 alt, fj80 power steer box, remote oil cooler, Acme dual fan radiator. Samurai intake box custom piped. Acme downpipe, 2.5 exhaust. boost, egt, volt, oil temperature pressure, water temp gauges. Factory tach interface.
Brady Newark, OH
1988 Samurai 1992 Jetta 1.6TD Eco 27 First Tank Myself ACME
Yj spring swap, 35 inch tires, 5.12 gears in axles, custom frt and rear bumpers with swing out tire carrier(I made), engine has 255k miles on it next spring will rebuild and install Giles IP, first tank of fuel 27 mpg on 35s awesome should do better, but I cant keep my foot of the throttle some much more power cant wait to see what it does with rebuild and IP.
Elton Jeans Lawton, OK 1987 Samurai Hardtop 1.9TD AEE 50 Tito and Self ACME
Almost everything was bought between ACME and Rocky Road is ok. For a Better fit and alignment for 1.9TD AEE go ACME. They are great. Also added 4in lift old manu kit, new 15 gal gas tank, 30in BF goodrich tires, new bumpers paint and rack. Great truck.
Tom Bentzen Seattle, WA
1987 Long Wheel base Samurai 1985 Toyota 2L 30 Jake Palmberg
A long wheelbase Samurai with all Toyota running gear.
John Hayes Hamilton, ON, Canada. 1987 Samurai Hard Top 1.6TD 1991 TBD Self ACME
Was impressed with the quality of components and the fit...made for an impressive finished product.
Damon Smith Spokane, WA
1985 Toyota 4runner 1996 1.9TDI Passat 30+ Myself ACME
96 ahu convertewd to an alh. ST2 PP764 balanced injectors, VNT 15/20 Hybrid turbo, ST2 regrind cam, 11MM pump upgrade, 3" straight pipe exhaust, ST2 chip tune, EGR delete, FMIC, 3 bar MAP. Chromoly axles, Rebuilt full width yota straight axles, v6 diffs, Marlin HD 5spd, Bobbed the bed and camper. Soon to come: doubler, water/debris proof timing belt cover, crossover steering conversion, custom exo and bumpers. Will update when I have hard numbers, but this setup should be right around 180HP/350ftlbs and still see above 30mpg on 33x12.50515's. The gearing seems off a little, need to get the rpm guage functioning to decide but will most likely need 3.56 or 3.73 gears. Currently running 4.11 gears.
Devin Duncan US 1987 Samurai 1.8 Isuzu TBD Self
Have another sammy w/ a 1.6 chevette gas motor and love it trying to put 1.8 into another. Having problems with the oilpan, have a 3" lift not enough..if I modify oil pan will I have to run an oil cooler to make up for the loss of oil capacity (5quarts instead of 6) any advice would be appreciated!
Jimmy Decker Newark, AR
1990 Samurai 1988 Golf 1.6TD TBD Uncle and myself
Swaps pretty straight forward, just hope it can pull my 35 boggers with a 6.5 case gear set. Jeff has been very helpful with whatever he can. Thanks!
Ray Hainstock Vancouver, BC, Canada. 1973 CJ5 with 1979 Postal Body 1.6 NA TBD Me ACME
I started this build almost two years ago but had a few set backs, Apartment flooded, death in the family, etc. I am now nearing the compleation stage and can't wait to see what the milage will be. I have used the 1.6 NA with a 1991 Tracker, 5 speed, custom made cross members, custom exhaust, engine mounts linkage and whatever I could find to make it all work together. Love the process that has brought me here. Thanks guys.
Joel G. Dayton, OH
1996 Geo Tracker 1.6TD 30 Myself ACME
Custom injection pump tuning, modified waste gate, manual glow plug controller, custom down pipe. For Sale.
Ronnie Colby Lake Tahoe, CA 1984 Toyota xcab 4wd 1997 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI (1Z) 30 Self ACME
Build thread here: ACME's support was invaluable. I used ACME's bell housing adapter, 2.0kW Hi-Torque starter, and oil-less pilot bushing. 2.5" exhaust with resonator, EGR deleted, K and N air filter, FMIC, Viton fuel lines, no inline fuel lift pump, PowerPlus 520 injector nozzles (110hp, 190 ft lbs torque). 5 spd, 4.10 gearing, 31x10.50 BFG AT tires. 20% - 100% bioDiesel year round.
1995 Geo Tracker 2001 VW TDI ALH 1.9L 60 Myself ACME
Swapped out electronic fuel pump for mechanical pump yay no wires. Toyota solid axle swap 14" lift custom 4 link suspension custom front bumper custom rear bumper with built in air compressor tank a/c pump converted to air compressor snow plow system 12000 lb winch front and rear mounting front mounted inter cooler custom blue paint all sitting on 33-12.5x15 BFG all terrains.
Roy Gorris Netherlands 1986 Suzuki SJ-413 1994 VW Vento 1.9TD AAZ 30.6 Self ACME
1.9TD AAZ engine with ACME kit, SPOA with custom front leafsprings 2" open exaust, 31x10, 5x15 Mud tires on chrome Mangel rims, 3.909 R and P, overhead steering, custom internal rollcage, modified rockyroad crawler II rear bumper, larger wheel wels, resprayd boddywork (8P4) dark bleu mettallic from Toyota, heavy dutty T-case mounts (trailmaster) ARB look-a-like winch bumper, Warn M8000 winch, front side indicators from a VW Bora (the oval shape matches these of the rear lights).
Ken Salida, CO
1989 Tracker 1.9TD TBD Advanced Automotive ACME
Rico Sacramento, CA 1987 Samurai 1996 VW 1.9L TD TBD Self ACME
Still trying to get this thing registered in the People's Republic of California. If anyone has any insight, I'd love the help.
Kenny chapman MWasilla, Alaska
1987 Samurai 1.6 TD 33 Myself ACME
Love the combination. Way more fun to drive.
Steve B. Denver, CO 1991 Toyota 4Runner 2001 Jetta ALH w/ M-TDI Pump 30.5-33 Self ACME
4.10 Gears with 31 inch tires, 2 inch Old Man Emu lift and spring kit, Manual front hubs, EGR deleted, Mechanical TDI pump, VNT 15 turbo controlled Electronically, Front mount intercooler, custom engine mounts, steel oil pan, 2inch exhaust, Running Bio-diesel/pump diesel mix, Love the truck, now last goal is to get all the papers legal for registration in Denver. Aerodynamics make mileage suffer at above 70mph on sustained road trips, it is better around the city. 60MPH is about 2400 RPM.
Jacob Leblanc Lafayette, LA
1987 Samurai 1.9NA 33 Zims Imports
1.9 diesel NA. 1.9 specific angled oil filter housing. 26" VW cross flow radiator(new). 32" BFG ats. Jeep eaters suspension. Blackout under coated body paint job. Rocky road front and rear bumpers. 3000lbs wench.
MS Peterson El Dorado Hills, CA 1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite 1.9TD TBD Self ACME
Giles IP pump, and a variety of adapters. Toyota turbo bellhousing, AX15 jeep trans with toyota input shaft. Adapter for older Dana 18 tranfercase. Re-routed the serpentine belt with added idlers for radiator and steering box clearance. PS pump in passenger side, and a mini Denso alternator on driver side.
Tom Overland Park, KS
1987 Samurai 1.5NA TBD Myself ACME
1.6 Crankshaft, after market head studs, early TDI turbo, Oil to air oil cooler mounted over the P.S. box next to the Radiator, Giles modified Pump, Off-Road performance is the best.
Ray Lee Abbotsford, BC 88.5 Samurai 1.6TD TBD Self ACME
Trail Tough YJ kit, Trail tough front and rear bumpers. Custom radiator, alternator and starter. 33x10.5 BFG KM2 Tires.
Broos D. Belgium
1979 LJ80 1.6NA TBD Self ACME
Ryan H. Powell River, BC 92 Sidekick 1.9TD 34 combined Self ACME
Remote oil cooler, VW/Zuki Power Steering, 2" body lift; 2 1/2" suspension lift. 30x9.5 Nokian MTs.
Greg Askew Australia
Samurai 1.9TD TBD Self ACME
I am selling my 2010 Defender 110 to purchase a Suzuki Samuari with 1.9 VW deisel conversion and 3" lift. Any ideas as to the best lace to purchase what I'm after?
Rich Allen Virginia City, Nevada 87 Samurai 1.6 Turbo SB 32 Self ACME
Acme kit, Radiator, Header Down Pipe, 2 1/2 inch exhaust no muffler. Petro Works clutch and Block Heater. This engine already had angled filter housing and fittings for cooler lines. Running Bosh alternator that was on engine with slight modification to adjuster arm. Install went great: very simple and easy. Running 235"s and 4:16 transfer case. Shackle reverse has enough lift for my needs for now but may do SPOA to clear 31's. Thought about adding intercooler but power is great without it and not finding good solution for install.
Cliff Furstenfeld Conroe, TX
1997 Tracker 2Dr 1997 1Z TDi 35 Myself ACME
Did complete "frame off" restoration. Lifted 7.5" by reconfiguring frame (no body lift). All engine mounting brackets custom built by me. Chevy S10 disc brake rear end w/ limited slip 3.73 ratio. Used Sammy front chunk in Tracker housing for 3.73 ratio. 33" tires. Used Porsche 944 innercooler w/ custom large tubing. Just did engine upgrades; cam, Bosio injectors, chipped ECM from Kerma TDI(woke this engine up). Can't wait to see what it does to fuel mileage. Custom front bumper. I built this vehicle to tow behind my motor coach, but it's so fun to drive, it's now my everyday driver. With upgrades to engine, 140HP and torque. IT SCREAMS!!!
Mike Yager Garden Grove, CA 1987 Samurai 1.9TD TBD Self ACME
The whole swap was pretty straight forward. I think the hardest part was figuring out where to put the alternator and the power steering pump: my pitman arm ran into the power steering pump. A 3 inch drop pitman arm would have fixed the problem but nobody makes one for a toyota steering box so I had to move pump to right side of motor. And I love the power it has now.
Justin Maguire New Hampshire
1987 Samurai 2.7 Teledyne Continental TBD Myself
Joseph Trueax Redmond, Oregon 1989 Suzuki Sidekick 1991 1.6TD Ecco 33 Self ACME
Steve Lobb Lincoln, NE
1986 Samurai 1998 mTDI TBD Self ACME
I'm using a 2.8 mTDI pump, Geo Tracker 2wd transmission and Samurai transfercase.
Rob MacCormack Cape May NJ 1988 Samurai 1.6 NA 43 Self ACME
Mechanical gauges, GM alternator, Giles pump and injectors, custom 1-1/2" primary tube header, 2-1/2" Dynaflo muffler, Pre-'88 transmission, custom short tube intake manifold.
Zach Cholas Grand Junction, Colorado
1987 Mazda B2600 94 Jetta 1.9 TD TBD Self ACME
1.9 td to Toyota W56 transmission, Marlin crawler duel cases, 4 linked Toyota front and rear axles 5.29 gears, locked.