The Acme Approach

There are sharp people doing interesting automobile conversions. When it comes to Suzuki turbo diesel motors in Samurai's, Sidekick's or Geo Tracker's, there are a number of "one-off" applications out there using different diesel motors–Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mercedes, VW, Peugeot, etc.... ACME Adapters specializes only in one particular motor–the VW engine, that's it. Not that other motors aren't valid, we just believe that the VW block is the perfect size, weight and a well-rounded platform with more choices available to the Suzuki turbo diesel user.

Not all adapting is the same. The Acme Suzuki turbo diesel adapting process is the only kit that uses all Suzuki OEM parts because we adapted the Suzuki transmission to the VW not the other way round! That's a big deal. It means there are no hybrid flywheels, pilot bearings, custom bushings, pressure plates, clutch discs, etc., that require custom remakes from a particular supplier or manufacturer. Suzuki OEM parts are economical and available just about anywhere.

Eliminating Myths. Let's get to the nitty-gritty with the Acme Adapter Suzuki Turbo Diesel kit and eliminate myths about the VW Suzuki swap: 1) You do not have to have a "spring-over" or a "lift" to use an Acme kit. 2) You don't have to build copper forms, plug stud holes, re-thread holes, swap out and change ring gears on a flywheel or weld with special nickle rod on your VW engine block using an Acme turbo diesel kit. 3) You don't have to use different motor mounts for a 1.6 or 1.9TD VW motor. If you want to switch from a 1.6 to a 1.9 engine at a later time, you can use the same mounts that came with your Acme turbo diesel kit. 4) You don't need endless pages in a photocopied manual or a laborious 4 hour video to sit through to enable you to perform the diesel swap. Discover how easy the swap is and get ready for delightful results with the diesel power band, gobs of low-end torque, higher fuel mileage and running larger tires without feeling it. 5) You can use any 4 cyl VW diesel motor with our Suzuki Turbo diesel kits. The Acme Suzuki Turbo Diesel Kit is not limited by a "North, South, East or West" configured engine. The Acme Suzuki Turbo Diesel Kit converts the use of any Volkswagen 4 cylinder water cooled family of engines.

There are issues of quality & engineering. Some adapter kits use 1/8 or 0.125 inch thin plate. Some kits do not use line-up dowels for precise alignment of the transmission and engine. Misalignment will cause premature bearing wear and result in transmission failure. Some adapter plates are made from off-the-shelf, unsurfaced, mild steel that bolts could pull through under diesel torque loads. One adapter plate design will not allow a mechanic or owner to take the VW oil pan off to replace a leaking gasket or a worn out oil pump because the adapter plate is in the way. That means you have to have to pay your mechanic to pull your engine or remove your transmission in order to take off your adapter plate in order to take off your oil pan! Acme views those lower quality adapter approaches as potentially causing future drive-train problems, creating structural integrity and service maintenance issues for Suzuki diesel owners.

All Acme Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick and Geo Tracker turbo diesel kits come standard with heavy-duty 3/8" adapter plate with precision line-up dowels. Our plates are ground parallel to perfection and made from higher graded A572 steel with a high yield point. Acme Suzuki turbo diesel kits also come with a precision balanced and machined flywheel with a true pilot bearing (not a soft brass one-of-a-kind bushing). Acme Suzuki turbo diesel kits come with appropriate high grade metric fasteners and professionally engineered parts that work precisely with the Suzuki diesel conversion. We don't want anything flying apart or breaking down after you've done your Suzuki diesel swap. You should expect dependable long-term adaptive Suzuki diesel performance. Who wants to crack or break an adapter component out in the middle of the Rubicon because of faulty engineering standards?

The ACME way is a different way. Acme's approach is flexible and supportive in the long-term. We are flexible in that we sell our Samurai turbo diesel conversion kits in any combination you want––from "bare-bones basic" to 100 percent complete. That means you can get into a Suzuki turbo diesel conversion kit based on what you want and the resources available to you. You also get technical support forever–all the way to completion. We're done when you're done–even if you take a year's time-off. You won't find service like this anywhere else.

Acme Adapters is a "do unto others as you would have them do to you" type of business. If any one of our Suzuki turbo diesel products break, crack or fail, send it back. We replace it for free–for a lifetime. Even if your not the original owner. Isn't that what a guarantee should be? It's an ACME promise.

We drive what we sell. We love Samurai turbo diesels and Tracker Sidekick turbo diesels. We drive and install what we sell. Everything we sell and install has been developed, tested, engineered and refined from our diesel Suzuki daily-driving experience, on and off-road for the last 15 years. If you run into a problem, chances are we have already solved it for ourselves or someone else. This is our passion and our specialty.

So, get ready for real knowledge, Acme engineering, customer communication and support–all with a real guarantee that results in the best Suzuki turbo diesel experience you can have.


"I received my engine adapter
kit from Jeff at Acme today
and it looks great. Everything
I had anticipated and more. Looks like a skilled crafts-
man manufactured all the components. The conversion
kit came with free shipping
from Oregon to California!"

Branden Gist, "Killr-B"
Camino, CA

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