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Steve Schultz's Tracker powered by an intercooled 1.6 VW Turbo Diesel with extra boost! Sandy, Oregon

  • Suzuki Samurai turbo diesel Adapter Plate & Kits
  • Toyota Pick-up turbo diesel
    (Auto/Manual) Adapter Plates
  • SideKick/Tracker turbo diesel (Auto/Manual) Adapter Plates & Kit
  • TDI Swap: Suzuki Mounts, Adapter Plates, and flywheels

Acme Adapters
is the place that gives you everything you need to know in order to make a Suzuki Samurai Turbo Diesel or a Suzuki Sidekick Turbo Diesel using any Volkswagan 4-cylinder water cooled family of engines. That means you can swap any 4 cylinder VW engine from a Rabbit, Passat, Golf, even a quantum or newer bug into your Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick or Geo Tracker!

ACME also manufactures a Toyota transmisson adapter, so you can have a 22R style transmission in your Suzuki. That also means Toyota pick-up owners can install a 1.9 TD/TDI diesel engine in a Toyota pick-up truck!

Our goal is to provide products of integrity, generate good and accurate information, and to serve those that want a successful Suzuki VW turbo diesel conversion. Should you have a question or require further clarification about any of our conversion products, feel free to E-mail us for more information. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest. Happy swapping!



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Idle Over It!

Ever wonder what gobs of VW diesel torque does? Watch Erik Dossett’s (aka "DeepMud") snorkeled VW 1.9TD Samurai idle through a wooded trail, around a rutted corner, over a log and up a muddy embankment with wheels left spinning. Erik’s wife demonstrates how it’s done Alaska style!